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Mortgage Broker vs Banks

What a Mortgage Broker can do that a bank can't
What's a Mortgage Broker

Mortgage brokers are the middle man between you and the banks. By using a mortgage broker's free service, you will get access to over 30+ lenders without stepping into a bank, get the best interest rates and conditions for your mortgage, and step-by-step help through the home-buying process.

Mortgage Broker vs The Banks

A very common question when people first look into mortgages is "Why would I pick a mortgage broker over the bank?" When a client walks into the bank, the bank will only know their product, and will only offer their one interest rate. Every bank is different, and will have different conditions and interest rates. It isn't only time consuming for a client to shop at different banks for the best interest rates. It can also hurt their credit score since each bank will have to pull from the credit bureau each time applying for a mortgage. With a mortgage broker, we have access to 30+ lenders (Ex: Scotiabank, TD, etc.), extensive knowledge on each lender's program, and will be able to apply to multiple lenders by only pulling your credit score once. 

Benefits of a Mortgage Broker

Access to 30+ Lenders - Ex: Scotia Bank, TD, BMO, etc.


Free Service - Mortgage brokers are paid by the banks

Lowest Interest Rates - Confidence that you are getting the lowest rate in the market

Industry Knowledge - We've been in the industry for awhile!

Mobility - Mortgage brokers are more than happy to meet you outside, on your schedule

Referrals/Connections - Let me connect you to professionals you can trust

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