Brandon Nishi | Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker vs. Bank

Benefits of a Mortgage Broker

1. Access to 30+ Lenders (Ex: TD Bank, Scotiabank)

2. Lowest interest rates in the industry

3. Flexibility - I'll meet you on your schedule. You pick a time and place

4. One Application (Broker) vs. Multiple Applications (One per Bank)

5. No Hidden Cost - Mortgage brokers must disclose how they are paid for their service.

6. Industry Knowledge - I'll help make it simple

7. Customer Service - I'll be with you every step of the way



What's the Difference?


Mortgage brokers are the middle man between the borrower (The person buying the home) and the lender (The Bank). As everyone's financial situation is different, banks offer different products as well. It's a mortgage brokers job to examine bank's interest rates, policies and guidelines, and fit them to their clients needs. A mortgage broker offers access to 30+ lenders rates and policies. A bank only offers their one product

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