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Credit Trouble? There are still lenders that will approve that mortgage!

Purpose: Did you know there are certain lenders that will offer you a mortgage even when you may have a low credit score, bankruptcy, or consumer proposal? It may take years to resolve this issue, and many of the big banks will often reject your request for a mortgage. However, there are many lenders that have flexible programs that will accommodate past credit mishaps. I work with these lenders to help package, and get you the best rate from all the lenders. Take a look at the flexible guidelines and let me help you get on track with your home buying needs.

What will they overlook?

  • No minimum credit score. Major banks will only accept clients with a minimum beacon score of about 620, while I work with lenders that are more flexible and take into account job security and assets instead.

  • Bankruptcy

  • Consumer Proposals

  • Credit Counselling

What kind of properties will certain lenders look at?

  • Owner Occupied

  • Rental Units (Maximum 4 properties)

  • Properties within, or near the greater Vancouver area

Borrowing Guidelines

  • Max LTV of 65%

  • Amortization between 10 - 30 years

  • Loan amount between $250,000 - $1,500,000

  • Rental offset of 95%

Who’s this program good for?

  • History of bad credit

  • Someone recently discharged from a bankruptcy or consumer proposal

  • Home owner looking to purchase a rental property but does not fit normal income banking guidelines

Worried if a lender will accept your request for a mortgage? Please feel free to message me anytime for a free, no obligation consultation. We will package your request together, go through all your available options, and get you the lowest rate that a lender can offer.

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