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Need to Refinance Your Home?

1. Download and fully fill out the application and consent form

2. Set up an appointment with me via call, email, chat box

2. Set up an appointment with me via call, email, chat box

3. Prepare documentation that may be needed

(Ex: T4, T1 General, Paystubs, Letter of Employment)

What to Know About Refinancing

Not All Lenders Are the Same

Not all lenders have the same requirements as each other. Some lenders have stricter guidelines whereas others don't. Each bank has different policies, and different rates for a reason

Use the equity in your home

It's been a few years. You're not a first time home buyer anymore. Many home owners forget that they can refinance to take the equity out of their house and use it for other investment oppurtunities

Don't accept a denial

Just because one lender has turned you down shouldn't discourage you from refinancing your mortgage. With 30+ lenders to choose from, we will definitely be able to find a lender to fit your needs

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