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The Home Buying Process

It's as easy as 1...2...3!

Learn how much you can afford! Save time, and shop with confidence knowing that you are looking for a house that fit with your budget. 

While talking with your mortgage broker, they should go over important terms such as interest rates. terms, amortization, and what kind of programs different lenders offer.

Get Pre-Approved/Pre-Qualified

Step #1


Find a realtor and and choose a house that fits you, and your financial situation the best

Ask the realtor to make an offer for your dream home!

Choose Your House, Make an Offer

Step #2

Young Parents

The seller accepted your offer? Time to get you mortgage approved!

Your mortgage broker will submit a full mortgage application to find you the best terms and rates in the market. All necessary documentations needed for your application should be sent to your broker ASAP. 

Mortgage Approval

Step #3

Working Together

With your lawyer, you'll need to finalize and sign all needed documentation.


Details such as insurance, conditions, and legalities will be finalized with your purchase 

At this time, you'll need to pay the remainder of your downpayment, closing costs etc.

Finalizing the Deal

Step #4

home keys

The most exciting day! You get the keys to your house!

This is the day when there is an exchange of funds between the buyers and sellers accounts. It'll also be the first day you get the keys and become a new home owner

Completion and Possession Date

Step #5

Home Owners

You're a new homebuyer! 

The next big choice is whether you want a red, blue or green wall.


Step #6

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