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Step 1: Pre-Approval

There's 3 main reasons for a pre-approval.
1. Know your maximum purchase price
2. Lock in your rate for 120 days. (Can only go down afterwards)
3. Realtors/sellers will take you more seriously

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Step 2: Find a home, get an accepted offer!

You know your maximum purchase price, now it's time to house hunt!

Don't have a realtor? No problem. We have honest, professional realtors that 
know the area you're looking into! 
With your realtor, find your perfect home and make an offer.

Congratulations on your accepted offer! On to step 3


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 Learn more about our rates, lenders, and offers. 

This is the easy part. Leave it to me to get you the
best rate and benefits in the market! With years of experience in the mortgage industry, and strong ties with all the lenders, I will be able to package, negotiate, and find you the best rate in the market! 

Step 3: Get Approved

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Step 4: Finalizing with your notary/lawyer

Congratulations! You have the best mortgage and found your perfect home. The last step is finalizing your purchase with your lawyer/notary
With your notary, you will go through details such as confirming the
date, title insurance, and any other legality concerns that you may have with your purchase.

Don't have a notary/lawyer in mind? Just ask! I have suggestions that will offer you the best price, and a make the whole transaction buttery smooth

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Congratulations on your new home purchase! It may have been a long process, but you've done it!

The completion date is when the whole transaction happens, and possession date is when you get the keys in your hand.

You've saved thousands by getting the best mortgage! Now it's time to use some of those savings for some nice furniture for your new home.


Step 5: Congratulations on your purchase!

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