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When the banks says NO. I have a lender that will say YES

Get access to 50+ lenders that want your business!

As a seasoned mortgage broker, our extensive network encompasses over 50+ reputable lenders, each eager to collaborate with you. What may appear impractical to one financial institution is often regarded as sound and sensible lending by another. Leveraging our role as a broker, we have cultivated robust and professional relationships with a diverse array of banks, credit unions, and investors. Rest assured, our commitment is to secure the optimal funding solutions that align seamlessly with your unique financial requirements.

Table of Contents:

What is

What is Alternative Lending?

An alternative mortgage is a financial offering designed for individuals seeking a mortgage but falling outside the stringent criteria of traditional lenders. These non-traditional mortgage products prove beneficial for borrowers in need of short-term credit or facing income challenges. One application = one credit pull = goes to multiple lenders = saving your time, money, and credit score!

While alternative mortgages may carry higher interest rates compared to similar products from traditional banks, they offer a quicker and more accessible qualification process. This enables homeowners to secure the funds they need to purchase their dream home, which would otherwise be inaccessible. 

If you did not get approved for one of these reasons, you may be eligible for alternative financing: 

Bankruptcy or  Consumer Proposal

Bankruptcy or

Consumer Proposal

Short Term  Financing

Short Term


Bruised Credit or  No Credit

Bruised Credit or

No Credit

Unique Property  Types

Unique Property


Self-Employed  Income



Property   Investors



Foreign  Income



Fast & Flexible  Financing Needs

Fast & Flexible

Financing Needs


How it Works

Alternative lending does not automatically mean higher rates and fees.

I refer to alternative lending as using alternative methods to fulfil a client's financing needs. As experts in real estate lending, brokers like myself know the ins and outs of lending policies of major banks, credit unions, and corporate lenders. With this, we are able to place clients with the correct lender saving you money, time and your credit score - usually at no cost 

As a broker, I work with thousands of homeowners and investors that have a variety of different needs. What many homeowners aren't familiar with are the tiers of lending. Have peace of mind, that my main objective is to always place you in the best rate tier.

Best Interest Rates

Best Interest vs. Approval Difficult

Approval Difficulty

The Process

The Process


  • Understanding your needs and wants with your mortgage

  • Explaining the mortgage process and timeline

  • Review possible mortgage solutions

  • Address any questions and concerns



  • Whether you're purchasing or refinancing your property, be confident knowing you've been pre-qualified

  • Submit all necessary documentation asked by your broker

  • Congratulations on your mortgage approval!

  • Sign your mortgage approval



  • Sign final documentation with your solictor

  • Congratulations on closing your purchase or refinance!

  • After closing, we will work on a post-closing action plan. Depending on your mortgage solution, this can mean a budgeting strategy, plan to move from B to A lending, etc.


The mortgage process doesn't have to be complicated. I'm here to streamline the process, and ensure you get the best mortgage and experience. Shop with confidence knowing my team and I are here to support you every step of the way.

Questions to Consider

Q: How does a broker save you money, time, and credit score?

When working with a broker, a single credit inquiry is made, and the identical mortgage application is sent to multiple lenders. Contrastingly, if you shop independently, each bank's inquiry lowers your credit score. If you visit 4-5 banks and credit unions, this can be the difference between mortgage approval or decline. Brokers also offer time and cost efficiency. They have a dedicated channel for priority mortgage application processing, and exclusive lenders only accessible on the broker channel. Once approved, we can compare each lender’s rates to ensure you get the best rate. This not only saves time but ensures the best rate tailored to your situation.

Q: Does an alternative lender automatically mean a higher interest rate and fee?

Sometimes, clients haven't found the right lender who truly understands their unique situation. Banks operate as businesses with distinct rules. What may be unsuccessful at one bank could be accepted at another. In the case where your file might not work with an ‘A-tier lending’, there is potential for higher rates and fees. Remember, b-lending and private lending isn’t bad as it open the doors to homeownership where it would otherwise be impossible. However, it’s crucial to have an action plan as this ensures a strategic approach to eventually transition your mortgage to an 'A-tier lender' in the future.

Q: Are alternative lenders safe?

Absolutely! All lenders in BC are highly regulated by both the and Canadian government and must follow strict guidelines in order to operate. In addition, many of these lenders are operating under a business name, but are wholly owned by a larger corporation. For example, have you heard of Community Trust? Probably not. However, Community Trust has been a valued and trusted partner for many years to brokers. What a lot of people aren’t aware is that Community Trust is owned by Questrade, a multi-billion dollar corporation known for their stock trading platform.


With rising home prices, it's been harder to get approved than ever. Let's review options and get you in the home of your dreams

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